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Craved, автор: Rice Morgan

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Rice Morgan: Craved

Автор: Rice Morgan

Серия: Vampire Journals, №10
Возрастное ограничение: 12+
Правообладатель: Lukeman Literary Management Ltd
Объем: 190 стр., 3 иллюстрации
Жанр: Книги про вампиров, Любовно-фантастические романы Анонс:
But the problem is, she doesn’t understand herself what’s happening to her, the only light in her life is Sage. Tragically, just at the moment when destiny has brought her greatest love, it also seems fated to take him away, but it may be too late. But he is still holding back some of his secrets, and Blake resurfaces, determined to pursue her, how much is she willing to risk for love. At the same time, Vivian rounds up the popular girls to make her life hell, leading to an unavoidable confrontation, she wants to end up with Sage – but fate seems set on tearing them apart.

At the same time, the new boy, the mysterious Sage, comes into her life, in CRAVED (Book #10 in the Vampire Journals), 16 year old Scarlet Paine struggles to find out exactly what she’s becoming. As the book culminates in an action-packed and shocking twist, Scarlet will be left with a monumental choice – one that will change the world forever, as their relationship deepens, she begins to learn more about his mysterious past, his family, and the secrets he must hold.

Her erratic behavior has alienated her new boyfriend, Blake, and she struggles to make amends, and to make him understand, scarlet’s forced to sneak out, making matters worse with her parents, and soon finds pressure building from all sides. But then she is devastated to learn Sage’s biggest secret of all: he is not human, either, and he has only a few weeks left to live, scarlet is changing rapidly, barely able to control what she’s becoming.

Scarlet finds herself swept away by Sage, who takes her into his world, past the gates of his family’s historic river mansion, caitlin, meanwhile, is determined to find a way to reverse Scarlet’s vampirism. Their paths keep intertwining, and although she tries to avoid it, he directly pursues her, despite the objections of her best friend, Maria, who’s convinced Scarlet is stealing Sage, as Scarlet returns to the high school parties leading up to the big dance, she ends up in a huge falling-out with her friends, who excommunicate her from their group.

What she discovers leads her on a journey to find the antidote, deep into the heart of rare libraries and bookstores, and she will stop at nothing until she has it, they spend the most romantic time she can imagine, on a secluded island in the Hudson, and she is convinced she has found the true love of her life.

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